Ma Satprem Yeshe Dolma The Owl


„Mit der Meditationsarbeit von Ma Satprems habe ich selbst eine unglaublich tolle Erfahrung gemacht. Durch Ma Satprems Meditationen konnte ich Heilung, Bewusstsein und eine harmonischere und effizientere Herangehensweise an meine Arbeit, Kreativität und mit mir selbst finden.
Ich möchte jedem ans Herz legen, von Ma Satprems Arbeit beim Urban Stylez Festival zu profitieren."
Dhélé Agbetou

Meditation is Medication” Workshop Series

with the Mystic Ma Satprem Yeshe Dolma The Owl
Ma Satprem’s meditation workshops give a taste of what it means to live meditatively – with self-awareness, a restful mind and filled with joy. We leave the mind with our shoes behind and bring childlike innocence into the meditation room. We will be introduces to a breathing technic, which balances our female and male brain. This also helps to be more centered. In this state we move IN and  reconnect to our heart behind the heart watching the beauty of stillness. At one point we sparkle once again, or for the first time, with the energies of creativity. Using  technics of ancient meditations, we rediscover the connection to our soul, while opening our senses to the divine and may feel finally oneness (whole) again. 
Please bring a fresh perfume free candle (presenting your inner light) – a blindfold (sleeping mask) made of cotton/natural material – a high cushion or meditation seat - white, loose clothes from natural material – water.

Voice from a past session

“I was Blessed to be in Satprem’s meditation and also to ha a private healing session with her.
She emanates joy, peace and calm. She is a beautiful inside and out! NAMASTE Satprem!” Shelley, Amsterdam

About Ma Satprem Yeshe Dolma The Owl

Ma Satprem is as rebellious as all Mystics. She has been in Darshans learning and meditating with Gurus in India over 40 years. Her 36 year’s experience as an internationally known and certified Meditation Teacher, Therapist, Whole-istic Healer and Master in her own right are her tools to help balancing our Body-Mind and Soul.

Ma Satprem gave Sacred Healing Workshops in India in Thailand, Nepal, several countries in Europe and all over the US. She offers Meditation Courses, Whole-istic Healing Sessions, Hypnosis, Animal Healing, Pre-Natal Healings, Healing Circles, Reiki-Initiations (Level I, II, III IV), Eclipse Astrology Readings, Crystal Work, Kyudo-Courses (Japanese Archery of the Samurais) and more. Ma Satprem is a Reiki Master Teacher in 7th line with Dr. Usui.  

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Additional Sessions during the Festival

During the Urbanstyle Festival you can book individual Healing Sessions and Hand – Card – Tibetan Eye Readings.

Devine Healing Session von 2 1/2 hours                     252.00 Euro
Devine Healing Session  1 hour                                     135,00 Euro
Hand – Card – Tibetan Eye Reading                             135.00 Euro 

Wake up OWL – Urban Dance Days 18

Ma satprem dansart urban dance days wake up owl